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About us

We, the Internet-store, work with the goal of supplying quality, affordable furniture and home-made goods that you just need, not those that are available. Therefore, we can have Individual Order of all types of non-standard Furniture!


- Bunk beds;

- Double beds;

- single beds;

- Cradles;

- Cabinets, cupboards;

- Chests and curtains;

- Kitchens, kitchen sets;

- Tables;

- Chairs, armchairs;

- Other types of furniture;

- Other household goods.

In an effort to find any product to renew your interior, many are looking for it in stores and warehouses, spend time and money on city travel and assortment analysis. But at this time, anyone has the opportunity to save their minutes, as the necessary thing can be bought online.

Shopping through the Internet is the most convenient, up-to-date and reliable way to find the best option for a product.

The lack of rents in shopping malls and stores allows us and our trading partners to sell our products at low prices!


- available (for purchases on the network you will need only a computer with the Internet);

- Beneficial (the cost of goods in online stores is much cheaper);

- convenient (the site is engaged in work around the clock, it is possible to visit it at any time you need);

Now, having studied all the nuances, you can always choose and buy from us a product that meets all your requirements and wishes.

We kindly ask you to send feedback about our products made for you at our email address, which is listed in the "CONTACTS" section.

We hope that our products or products of partner shops will please you and your children and you will also want to advise us not only to your friends but also to your friends!


For us, principally, we only supply quality products that you can use for many years and our customers' feedback is a true confirmation!


- Variants of economy of combinations of furniture materials together with wood;

- We will help you to make the correct order.

- Express delivery to Ukraine, as well as to other countries.

- Available prices for our Goods;

- Individual approach to each buyer;

- Wide assortment of furniture, from classic style to modern.

What are we better?

Individual order !!!

Designing furniture !!!

Fast delivery!!!

Reviews !!!

Warranty !!!

Promotions !!!

Certificates for goods !!!

Contact us with your questions and we will surely give you an answer!