Furniture of Volyn

Furniture of Volyn

Short story

The base of the enterprise was created since 1945. In the beginning the enterprise produced boxes for vegetables and wine. And in 1960 the MLC was organized, after which the production of tare was stopped, but at the same time, the production of mattresses and a sawmill was organized. Since 1962, the company has organized the production of furniture, in particular, manufactured wardrobes for clothes and tables for lunch. In 1970, a new finishing and assembly site was built and the assortment of furniture was expanded. Since 1989 the enterprise has started the production of furniture sets "Volyn" and introduced the release of furniture in disassembled form.

At the moment, the production of "Furniture Volhynia" produces custom-made wood products and cabinet furniture: for hallways, kitchens, furniture for children's rooms, common rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, furniture for offices, kindergartens and other household and administrative furniture . The furniture is made on the basis of a wide range of materials from laminated board to natural wood and MDF.

We today:

We, are manufacturers of furniture made of wood and other furniture materials. Positive feedback from our customers is pleasantly pleasing and motivating for the subsequent development.

Developing together with the requirements of the market, we have developed and mastered the production of a large number of standard models of furniture from various types of wood.

In production, we can take into account the customer's wishes in terms of economy and efficiency, that is, use a combination of wood with cheaper but at the same time optimal types of materials such as MDF, plywood and veneer, chipboard, fiberboard, metal, glass, fabrics .

We can offer both standard and non-standard products from natural wood for all representatives of your family. Also, we can produce a specific type of furniture according to your individual order, taking into account all your wishes for design, configuration, color palette, ergonomics, and of course the design of your room as a whole.

A large list of our products can be called a kind of unique, exclusive, which is created only in our production.

Particular attention is paid to our company's strong and beautiful products made of wood for children: cots, cabinets, chests of drawers, chairs, rocking chairs and more.

Careful parents consider the best option children's room items that do not harm their child.

In the production of furniture, we first of all pay attention to safety, and it is also important that the furniture be attractive, that would be especially children were proud of their room and happily went to bed in their favorite beds.

At the same time, our company, in addition to its products, offers products of other manufacturers, which also produce furniture. On this, we give the possibility of choosing color solutions for furniture and the options for the location of the passage or staircase in bunk beds.

Also, we have a variant of individual selection of furniture fittings. In order to get you and your family joy from the furniture we bought, we try to provide the maximum list of services.


- Bunk beds;

- Double beds;

- Single beds;

- Cradles;

- Cabinets, wardrobes;

- Chests and Curbstones;

- Kitchens, kitchen sets;

- Tables;

- Chairs, armchairs;

- Other types of furniture;

In an effort to find some kind of product to update their interior, many people are looking for it in stores and warehouses, spend time and money on travel around the city and analyze the assortment. But in this period of time, anyone has the opportunity to save their time, as the necessary thing can be bought on the Internet.

Shopping on the Internet is the most convenient, modern and reliable way to choose the best version of one or another product.

Absence of rents in shopping centers and shops, allow us and our trading partners to sell our products at low prices!


- available (for purchases on the network you will only need a computer with the Internet);

- profitable (the cost of goods in online stores is much cheaper);

- convenient (the site is involved in the work around the clock, there is the opportunity to visit it at any time you need);

Now, having studied all the nuances, you can always choose, and buy from us a product that meets all your requirements and wishes.

Very much we ask to send responses about our products made for you on our electronic address which is specified in section "CONTACTS".

We hope that our products, or the products of the partners' workshops, will please you and your children, and you still want to advise us not only to your friends, but also to your friends!


For us, it is important to produce only quality products that you can use for many years and the feedback of our customers is a true confirmation!


- Economical combinations of furniture materials with wood;

- We help you to make the right order.

- Fast delivery in Ukraine, as well as in other countries.

- Affordable prices for our products;

- Individual approach to every customer;

- A wide range of furniture, from classical to modern.

Than we are better?

Individual order!!!

Designing of furniture !!!

Fast shipping!!!

Reviews !!!


Promotions !!!

Certificates for our Product:

Case Furniture:

Wooden Furniture:

Some Philosophy:

"The culture of every nation, nation, territorial community is reflected in the furniture that these people use."

"Qualitative furniture in most cases should have the following characteristics: durability, comfort, practicality and efficiency."

"The furniture of the future must undoubtedly be much more practical than the one we are using now." The civilization moves so fast in front that each of us has every significant second, so it is very important that the objects that surround us should not just enjoy their views, but also saved our time as much as possible. "

Armchair "Kermanic"

Armchair "Kermanic"

Armchair "Kermanic" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

0 грн.

Bed-Cradle "Aurora"

Bed-Cradle "Aurora"

Bed-Cradle "Aurora" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

4,455 грн.

Bedside "Nefertiti"

Bedside "Nefertiti"

Bedside "Nefertiti" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

5,570 грн.

Bench "Zhulvern"

Bench "Zhulvern"

Bench "Zhulvern" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

2,900 грн.

Bunk bed "Alisa"

Bunk bed "Alisa"

Bunk bed "Alisa" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

9,498 грн. 10,776 грн.

Bunk bed "Gavrilo"

Bunk bed "Gavrilo"

Bunk bed "Gavrilo" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

10,856 грн. 12,856 грн.

Bunk bed "Ketrin-Pluse"

Bunk bed "Ketrin-Pluse"

Bunk bed "Ketrin-Pluse" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

11,046 грн. 13,046 грн.

Bunk bed "Modest"

Bunk bed "Modest"

Bunk bed "Modest" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

3,506 грн. 4,125 грн.

Bunk bed "Oscar"

Bunk bed "Oscar"

Bunk bed "Oscar" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

3,892 грн. 4,579 грн.

Bunk bed "Schoolboy"

Bunk bed "Schoolboy"

Bunk bed "Schoolboy" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

8,126 грн. 8,553 грн.

Chest of drawers "Nefertiti-7"

Chest of drawers "Nefertiti-7"

Chest of drawers "Nefertiti-7" from tm Furniture of Volhyn

16,548 грн.

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