Terms of the agreement

Terms of agreement

Before you place an order on www.mebel.volyn.ua, please read carefully the terms of the agreement. This document is valid between the Buyer and our online store.

It is important to remember that this consent is made at the time of placing an order confirming that the Buyer has read the agreement and has ticked the box "With the terms of the consent of the site is acquainted / -a." The buyer is a natural or legal person who can pay the order in full and receive it through the site. We, as an online store, have the right to periodically make changes to this agreement.

 1. Description of items

1.1. All goods on our site are located in photos that are directly our property.

1.2. The samples have the names of the model, characteristics and descriptions, copying of which is prohibited by law.

1.3. At the request of the Buyer, our store employee is ready to provide missing product details for purchase.

1.4. The indicated cost in the store may be changed. In case of any amendments, the manager informs the Buyer about the change and receives either confirmation or denial of the order. If the Buyer does not answer for calls and SMS within 3 days, the order is deemed to be canceled.

 2. Procedure for the purchase of goods

2.1. The buyer has the opportunity to buy any product that likes the site, while its amount can vary significantly. For wholesale orders, the price of the product varies to be more profitable for the Buyer.

2.2. Once the order has been confirmed, a letter with the confirmation of the order is sent to the user's email, where all goods are depicted and their value.

2.3. In the absence of a position of the product, the manager must notify the Customer thereof in telephone mode or via SMS.

2.4. If there is no product, the user can replace or ask to consider the order invalid, or indicate what is waiting for the delivery of this product.

2.5. Before the order is sent, the Buyer may refuse to acquire it if he / she advises the manager in advance.

 3. Delivery and receipt period

3.1. Delivery of goods is carried out in all the ways indicated on the site and can be carried out at any working time.

3.2. When making an order, the Buyer sees the approximate cost of delivery of the goods.

3.3. The Internet store is not liable for failures in the Company-Carrier, as well as for loss or damage to the Company by the Carrier, but will make every effort to help the Buyer to resolve such issues with the Carrier Company's representatives.

 4. Payment of the order

4.1. Payment of the goods is available in all ways, which are indicated on the website of the Internet store www.mebel.volyn.ua